Hezekiah Branch studies Data Science (M.S.) and is a graduate of the Cognitive & Brain Sciences (B.S.) program at Tufts University.

Hometown: Roxbury, Boston; Columbia, South Carolina


Research Areas of Interest:

⚡ Brain network science
⚡ Clinical machine learning
⚡ Computational neuroscience
⚡ Computational semantics
⚡ Deep learning for medicine
⚡ Neuroinformatics
⚡ Systems neuroscience

  • Cofounder of Tufts BSCS (Tufts Black Students in Computer Science), the first department-sponsored organization for Black students in computer science and related fields at Tufts University. Advisor: Professor Kathleen Fisher, Dept. Chair

  • Founder of Code With Hezekiah, a free coding boot camp based in Boston, MA that provides training in data analytics, web development, and research methods (est. 2018).

  • Founder of B.L.A.S.T.O.F.F. Industry Speaker Series, a multinational career series providing professional development to 96 Black/Latine alumni with experts from Nike, Sesame Workshop, the University of Chicago, and other leading companies.

  • Head of Tufts Black Jumbos, the largest and oldest-running social media platform for Black students at Tufts University. Founded by a powerful group of Black alumni from the historic Class of 2018. Leading engagement on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Meta.

  • Creator of the Capen Challenge, a multiyear initiative of campus-wide  competitions and events with the purpose of increasing community and engagment for students of color (est. 2017).

Awards and Honors:

  • Tufts Presidential Award for Civic Life

  • Honos Civicus Society

  • Tisch Scholar for Civic Life

  • NSF FAST TRAC Scholar

  • Data Analytics Graduate TA (2021)

  • Tufts ExCollege Board

  • 2X Forbes Under 30 Scholar

  • SXSW EDU Speaker (2020)

  • Workshop Lead, PennApps, UPenn

  • IBM Blue Movement (2020)

  • #FirstFlight @Twitter Fellow

  • LinkedIn Accelerate U

  • Code2040 Fellows Finalist

  • Capital One Ignite

  • LSAMP Research Scholar

Technical Expertise:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Bayesian Modeling

  • Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Data Science & Analytics

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Network Science

  • Machine Learning

  • Software Engineering

Technical Toolbox:

  • Python (sklearn, pytorch, tensorflow, networkx, spacy, nltk, pandas, numpy, plotly, matplotlib, nilearn, scipy, seaborn)

  • R (dplyr, ggplot2, tidyr, JAGS)

  • C++ (OOP, Make, STL, Valgrind)

  • MATLAB (Image Processing)

  • Apache Spark (pyspark, scala)

  • Deep Neural Networks

  • Brain Image Processing

  • Neural Signal Processing

  • Experimental Design

  • Data Mining

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Wrangling

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Visualization]

Spoken Languages:

  • Spanish (NSE Gold Medalist)

  • Brazilian Portuguese (Former Minor)

  • Reading in French


Computational Research.

Industry Training.

Professional Development.



Conference Speaker at SXSW EDU

Please click here for more information.

Panelist at Startup Boston Week 2020

Conference Speaker at PennApps 2020, University of Pennsylvania