Human Interaction Lab

Research Intern at the Human Interaction Lab

Here is a sample of my contributions while working as a Research Intern at the Tufts Human Interaction Lab. Due to privacy of human data, my full code cannot be shared.


Revolutionizing Conversation Analysis

Under the direction of PhD candidate Lena Warnke, I have contributed to advancements in predictive conversation analysis and measurements of cognition.

Talking Heads

Three Heads,
1 Mind

The Tufts Cognitive Brain Science program sits in the departments of philosophy, psychology, and computer science. Here is a writing sample from my Philosophy Language and Mind course.


What Can Linked Lists Teach Us About Leadership?

Linked List is a popular topic in introductory computer science courses. See how this ADT (abstract data type) can teach us about leadership!

Why College Is Not Like "A Different World"

College can be a difficult time for anyone. Here's an article my freshman self wrote during my journey to the university world.

Why Bayesian Statistics Defies Belief

Can we put a value on belief? What's a priori? Is this even real math? Find out more below on this shallow introduction to Bayesian statistics.

The Illusion of Meritocracy

In the tech industry, it's not only about what you know but who you know. But how do us marginalized folks fit into this world? Maybe it's time we make our own...